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8 October 2020

2020 Q3 SRC Report

Whilst the pandemic has declined in most western countries this is not the case across the World and indeed in some countries it has come back as a second spike. It would seem that at least northern latitude countries are not clamouring for replacement virtual races from SOL or, if they are, they are fitting into our existing offerings where we have seen increased participation. Or they may just be laying up their yachts for the winter.

Turning now to the results for the Series racing in 3rd Quarter they were as follows. Ocean Series. With our three races for this Series – ‘Auckland to Uruguay’, ‘Maryland to Alaska’ and ‘Melbourne to Osaka’ we took our sailors twice to the Southern Ocean with a sail over the top of Canada in the middle.

The Auckland race formed part of our Round the World Series in our 125’ catamaran this time over about 23,500 nautical miles. We offered the sailors a chance to navigate the inner channels at the tip of South America and many yachts took up this invitation. This race was won by SimeMali with NagaJolokia chasing him and Leelu22 in third.

The saunter over the top of Canada proved to be a light air affair much of which was on the nose in our 90’ monohull. The race was … Report continues here

Q3 Championship Results and Prizes

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    Current Races:

    Gray Whale Autumn Migration 2020
    As temperatures begin to drop in the northern hemisphere, Eastern Pacific Gray Whales who have spent the summer months in the nutrient rich feeding grounds of the Bering Sea, now begin to make their way south to their winter home of the warm conditions off the coast of Mexico and we will be joining them for their 3,886nm migration in our 90ft monohull.
    Race #1409
    INFO by brainaid.de
    90ft Monohull PARTICULARS
    WX Updates:
    0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
    ALT. CLIENT:Classic
    Race starts: Nov 02nd 19:00 Registration Open!
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    Mistli Birthday BBQ Race 2020
    Welcome to one of Sailonline's great traditions - the celebration of SOLer Mistli's birthday with a slalom through the Stockholm Archipelago. As always, we are providing you with a fleet of speedy Seacarts to slice through these (at least) 61.5nm of SLI-infested waters, so that you may be sure that there will still be some beer left round the campfire when you dock by the jetty at Trosa!
    Race #1396
    INFO by brainaid.de
    Seacart 30 Particulars
    WX Updates:
    0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
    Ranking: SYC
    ALT. CLIENT:Classic
    Race starts: Nov 01st 14:00 Registration Open!
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    Two Oceans Doublecross 2020
    This race was first designed for Sailonline in 2010 by SOLer Jawz, and now, ten years on, we again invite you to sail our Fox 9.50s the 185nm around Cape Point and twice over the imaginary line demarcating the meeting of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Count the number of wrecks of previous vessels both old and new that underestimated the fury of the Cape of Storms! Celebrate your survival at the Tavern of the Seas.
    Race #1403
    INFO by brainaid.de
    Fox 9.50 PARTICULARS
    WX Updates:
    0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
    Ranking: SYC
    ALT. CLIENT:Classic
    Race starts: Oct 29th 16:00 Registration Open!
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    The Odyssey 2020 - Leg 2
    Welcome back to the second leg of Sailonline's Virtual Odyssey which takes us from Cape Maleas at the south eastern tip of the Peloponnese across the Mediterranean to the land of the drug-dependent Lotus Eaters, probably Djerba on the Tunisian coast, where Odysseus nearly tarries too long, but gets away in time, only to end up on the southern coast of Sicily near present-day Sciacca, where a one-eyed cyclops named Polyphemus holds terrible sway and has to be dealt with after he has devoured a number of the crew. 850nm of epic adventure; enjoy!
    Race #1389
    INFOby brainaid.de
    WX Updates:
    0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
    Ranking: SYC - ODY
    ALT. CLIENT: Classic
    Race starts: Oct 27th 16:00 Registration Open!
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    SYC Ranking

    1. Sailonline Yacht Club Member bonknhoot
    2. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Kipper1258
    3. Sailonline Yacht Club Member WRmirekd
    4. Sailonline Yacht Club Member knockando60
    5. Sailonline Yacht Club Member rafa
    6. Sailonline Yacht Club Member calmxy
    7. Sailonline Yacht Club Member NagaJolokia
    8. Sailonline Yacht Club Member batatabh
    9. Sailonline Yacht Club Member sassy63
    10. Sailonline Yacht Club Member nacrr

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